Energy is the source of which everything is made of. Surfers ride waves of energy everyday.

In essence the ocean is not really moving, waves are bands of energy that flow through the ocean. As they near shore and shallower water the bottom of a swell starts to drag, slowing down, the top going faster begins to spill becoming a breaking wave. Experienced surfers have learned to recognize energy waves everywhere and begun to apply the value of lessons learned through surfing to everyday life. Everyone carries an ocean within. Life is the wave everyone wants to surf. It turns out the more surfers learn about surfing, the more they learn about life.

Surfing begins with respect.

Even the smallest wave has the whole ocean behind it. Surfers learn quickly the power and majesty of the mighty ocean. All life comes from the ocean. Ocean waves revel the very secrets of the universe for those willing to take time to observe. Surfers learn to go with the oceans natural flow or they do not last long. Those who harmonize with the rhythm, timing and flow of the ocean show their respect for the ocean by constantly being super aware of the moment and surroundings. Surfers who show respect to the ocean by remaining super aware while surfing benefit by becoming more aware overall even on land.

Just like surfing, life begins with respect.

It is best to remain constantly vigilant and aware least we become lost in the ocean of life. As a general rule, surfers cause their own wipeouts and create their best rides. The same can be said about life. Just like in surfing challenges and opportunity are everywhere and it is up to us to see them ahead of time. How do experienced surfers know when a big wave is coming? They look to the horizon. Use forward thinking and look to the horizon to see lifes waves before they come to be prepared. Always be thankful for each and every moment each and every day. There are no repeats in life. Those who respect the moment get the most out of it.

Surfing is all about taking responsibility for one’s self.

As surfers we have the freedom to choose which waves we want and where we want to be on a wave. It is each surfers responsibility to get themselves out to the waves and when finished surfing back to shore safely. Experienced surfers learn to rely on themselves only and to not jeopardize others. In life those who rely on themselves to achieve, and accomplish great things, understand and attain their goals, while others get swept away in the rip tide of life. If a surfer has a bad ride it is not the waves fault. Experienced surfers take responsibility for their performances. No one can ride the waves for you it is something surfers all do on their own. And the same experience transcends into everyday life.

Experienced surfers know the best waves are where they find them.

Equally as important as the wave is what a surfer does with the wave he is riding. There is no such thing as a good wave or a bad wave, just waves. One surfer looks out and says oh these waves are terrible today while another says the surf looks like fun, same ocean, same waves, two different viewpoints. Waves are what we think they are: life is what we think it is. For the first surfer the waves were terrible (to him) and so they where, he passed on surfing. The second surfer thought the waves were fun and thus they where. The second surfer went out enjoyed himself, was refreshed and became a better surfer for doing so. The difference between the two surfers is attitude. There is always something positive to find for the surfer who looks for the positive.

Knowledge opens the door of possibilities in surfing as well as life.

If you know what you are doing you can do it. If you do not know what you are doing all you can do is try. Knowledge is the only shortcut to success. Knowledge also saves lives. Knowing ahead of time what to do in different situations helps surfers stay calm even during the most harrowing wipeouts. Knowledge gives surfers the power to ride tidal waves and bravely go where no other men have ever gone. To understand more about life understand more about waves and the ocean world that surrounds us.

Just like an experienced surfer you should look at every moment as a new and fresh unfolding miracle Look for the best and try to learn from every situation.

In other words, treat all activities with respect, and take personal responsibility for growth, understanding, and success. If you honestly love something learn all you can about it and be the best you can be at it. Value and use every moment to improve your knowledge, health and life. Wake up looking for the good waves in life and you will find them. Look for something good and something good will happen. Something good is going to happen today! Sea you in the surf.