Hats of to the ladies once again! In this day and age it’s fantastic to see more and more girls surfing. Not only are more girls surfing then ever before but more girls are surfing better than ever before.

Which brings us to this week’s blog “the Paul Mitchell Super Girl Pro” surfing contest for girls only! Billed as the world’s largest women’s surfing event the Super Girl is aptly titled as these young ladies actually Surf Super even Super Duper! It’s great to see the Paul Mitchell as the title sponsor putting money into promoting women’s surfing. It’s not that every girl needs to get inspired to surf more it is about getting girls inspired to keep fit, stay healthy, and active!!!

2014 champ Sage Erickson will be there. Remember in the comic strips how Superman had super powers able to leap tall buildings, faster than a speeding bullet and able to fly? Well Sage Erickson can catch a wave and faster than a blink of an eye launch her surfboard into the air and literally fly into another section of the wave land and keep right on going!!! And this is not a comic strip character this is a real girl — err i mean Super Girl!!!

Joining Erickson will be others with super girl abilities making the competition for the best of the best of women surfers an epic challenge. Super Surfer girls such as Alana Blanchard, Carissa Moore, Courtney Conlogue and Malia Manuel will be there. Any one of these girls has the experience and talent to potentially take first place. So does Coco Ho daughter of legendary surfer Michael Ho and niece of former world champion surfer Derrick Ho – – – Go Go Go Girls!!!

The Super Girl Surfing event is scheduled to take place in Oceanside California at the pier on July 22nd thru the 24th.

Oceanside once again will be a great venue for this prestigious contest as generally this time of year there will be great waves and warm water. If you can’t make it to Oceanside check out the action at SUPERGIRLPRO.COM Be it boys or girls it is inspiring to see the best of the best and yes these girls are.

Blessings and Respect, Next week    well    your gonna have to check back to get “the Inside Scoop”. oh yeah!!!