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Outside Magazine article entitled “Every Thing you Know About Surviving Rip Currents Is Wrong.”

It seems everyone is talking about surviving rip currents. Dr. Jamie Machanan weighs in as does Capt. Chris Brewster for the USLA and NOAA and others including yours truly in the comment (not to be confused with the comic section) online.

While the main topic is escaping rip currents strangely nothing is said about avoiding rip currents in the first place. Anyone who has been following the Willis Way knows the Willis brothers have been advocating how to avoid rip currents for decades.

In the comment section Capt. Brewster maintains the USLA and NOAA do offer advice on avoiding rip currents but strangely doesn’t say what that advice is! Also why isn’t this supposed advice posted on every guarded beach?

Outside Magazine’s article and the comments after are very well worth taking the time to read.

Take your time and please weigh in! Here’s a link that will take you just like a rip current to the Outside!!!

Anyone out there with any friends and family will also want to share so others can help spread accurate information and save lives— possible your own!!!

OK friends tune in next Thursday for YES the Girls Of Summer which promises to be HOT!!!