Kids in New Jersey will be safer in the ocean this summer thanks to Sea Bright Ocean Rescue Captain Michael Hudson.

Captain Hudson is a respected veteran lifeguard of both the East and West coasts and a proven experienced Water Safety expert.

In an effort to establish the finest Jr. Guard program in the nation Captain Hudson will be teaching Jr. guards the Willis Way to avoid and escape rip currents. “Our junior lifeguard Nippers are going to use the Willis Way as their primary method for escaping rip currents.”

More important than establishing the finest Jr. guard program in the nation is knowing the kids that participate in Captain Hudson’s Jr. guard program will be updated with simple, proven easy to understand rip current safety information the Willis Way.

“Please feel free to use our name, My name and department representation on your web site endorsing the Willis Way to survive rip currents.”

Anyone living anywhere near Sea Bright New Jersey with young kids interested in ocean activities would be wise to get in contact with Captain Hudson and sign up for his Jr. lifeguard Nippers !!!! In fact California kids could benefit also if they are in or can get to Sea Bright New Jersey and meet Captain Hudson themselves.

Sea Bright New Jersey Ocean Rescue Lifeguards