Big congratulations to American surfer girl from the Aloha state of Hawaii Coco Ho for her big win in the Paul Mitchell Super girl Pro.

Competition was as predicted at it’s best. All the competitors put on performances that were to say the least at the PRO LEVAL, Phenomenal really. However, after three days of fierce competition it was CoCo Ho who emerged into first place.

The Paul Mitchell Super girl Pro is promoted as the largest all women’s surfing event in the world but it ended up being two girls from Hawaii in the finals. Malia Manuel from Kauai and Coco Ho from Oahu both respectfully from the great state of Hawaii.

Manuel who placed second is a former winner of the Super Girl Pro having won it in 2013. For Ho this year’s 2016 Super girl winner this marks the third time to the winners stand for her. Ho was the Super Girl winner in 2008 and 2010 and considers this year’s win a milestone in her surfing career and it is !

When the organizers of the Paul Mitchell Super Girl Pro got together they were wise to Slect Oceanside in California to hold the event. Oceanside is a GREAT surfing community with consistent waves year round. As predicted the waves for this years Super Girl Pro offered a great canvass for the girls to express their true athleticism and surf prowess. Ranging from knee to slightly overhead surfers were able to catch brilliant rides sometime two hundred to three hundred yards long!!!

All said while girls that surf are often referred to as surfer girls it’s rare that we here surfer boys !!! The time is here the time is now !!! Surfers are surfers be they boys or girls. The next time you’re at the beach and you hear someone shouting with excitement look that surfer is ripping !!! Look, there’s a good chance that surfer is a girl !!!

In closing for this week – – – stay Strong in Truth and may the waves of your live be just right for you !!!

Next week – – – – well check back in because it might be, it could be mmmaybe BOY’S of SUMMER !!!