This summer statistics show more female lifeguards than any other time.

Summer is in full swing and you know what? Take a look around what do you see? I see more girls surfing than ever before. In addition check it out – – – more women and girls are running, doing yoga, lifting weights, cycling and just plain shaking their Kundilini. Women and Girls of all ages! I don’t ever remember seeing sixty and seventy year old women jogging but i do now!

It’s not easy to pass State lifeguard standards and tests even for top male swimmers. That’s why the girls who earn the right to be lifeguards earn the right to be respected. It was a big deal when decades ago Joyce Hoffman became one of the very first female guards in California. Now, the next time your on a guarded beach look around chances are amongst the guards will be at least one girl.

Yes the girls of summer, you find them in lifeguard towers, collage campuses, running businesses and, well, and even Y E S  running for President of the United States! As this summer begins to wind down coming elections will be heating up. Come fall more girls than ever before will be attending collage and higher education, taking charge of their own lives, and just possibly America will have it’s first woman as President – – – Hillary Clinton.

If your American boy or a girl, make sure your voice is heard loud and clear — Vote