Chris Ahrens from California is a 60 plus year old author, soul surfer and expert surfing historian able to tell a Great story!!!

Credited with writing for every major hard-core surfing publication in the world, Ahrens uses his vast abilities and experience to transcend extraordinary life happenings into the written word for the “uninitiated” non-surfing world to understand.

Not since Drew Kampion has an author come along with the ability to vividly share in words the pure stoke of surfing, surfing culture, and the very soul of surfing itself!

Could it be that this weathered old soul surfer’s heart is so filled with love for life that he can’t stop spilling his guts in regards to the secret society known as surfing?

Actually get a copy of Ahrens’s latest book “Behold What Is Greater Than Thyself” and when you do let the salt crystals dry on you. Great read but even heavier is the connection of surfing and the human experience only Chris Ahrens can deliver.

One Love, see you next Thursday when the topic will be summer girls at the beach!!!!!!!