It’s Your Google Account – Song

It’s Called Your Google Account 


It’s your google account
You can do as you please
On your google account
Do as you please

You can erase me
You can put me there
You can do anything that you care
On your google account
On your google account

On account of there was Mary
She’d wake up real fine
Till she saw that Tommy was with Suzy
Now Mary can’t get Tommy off her mind
Mary is cool, she loved Jesus and played him for a fool
But That’s ok anyway
Beause google was not around that day,
Take it over

Google’s my only friend
Sometimes it ain’t me

Turn on that computer and looked up all the images I thought were free
All the images I thought were me
All the images I thought were me
Only to find it was someone else
Only to find it was somebody else
And she rolled her eyes

It’s a google account
Of life long after were gone
A google account it can’t be wrong
A google account who’s in control?
A google account – no body knows!

Google Me, and I’ll google you
Google Me, and I’ll google you
(ain’t that the truth)

Google is a social phenomenon
I just wish it would go off and on
More often than not
That’s why I quite smoking pot

Because google
Google, Google
And the wormhole
And the black hole

So he stepped on the yacht
He brought a girl that was hot
Filled up the syringe
He say’s stick in, stick it in
With a smile on her face,
She said this is a disgrace
But the pay was so high
And soon you will be too
I will comply, I will comply

Next thing he toppled over
(you know)
Fell right to the ground
She finished her glass of wine
And got out of town

Google, Google

“Mr. Google to You”.

Time for You

In our music section we’ve posted a happy song “Time for You”. Time for you in the day and night!

Check it out you’ll like it. Most important is the message contained in the song.

Take time to enjoy the song, take time for others along the way. There is a reason every single person comes into your life ! ! !

Be Loved Prosper