Paul Mitchell Super Girl Pro Surfing !

Paul Mitchell Super Girl Pro Surfing !

Hats of to the ladies once again! In this day and age it’s fantastic to see more and more girls surfing. Not only are more girls surfing then ever before but more girls are surfing better than ever before.

Which brings us to this week’s blog “the Paul Mitchell Super Girl Pro” surfing contest for girls only! Billed as the world’s largest women’s surfing event the Super Girl is aptly titled as these young ladies actually Surf Super even Super Duper! It’s great to see the Paul Mitchell as the title sponsor putting money into promoting women’s surfing. It’s not that every girl needs to get inspired to surf more it is about getting girls inspired to keep fit, stay healthy, and active!!!

2014 champ Sage Erickson will be there. Remember in the comic strips how Superman had super powers able to leap tall buildings, faster than a speeding bullet and able to fly? Well Sage Erickson can catch a wave and faster than a blink of an eye launch her surfboard into the air and literally fly into another section of the wave land and keep right on going!!! And this is not a comic strip character this is a real girl — err i mean Super Girl!!!

Joining Erickson will be others with super girl abilities making the competition for the best of the best of women surfers an epic challenge. Super Surfer girls such as Alana Blanchard, Carissa Moore, Courtney Conlogue and Malia Manuel will be there. Any one of these girls has the experience and talent to potentially take first place. So does Coco Ho daughter of legendary surfer Michael Ho and niece of former world champion surfer Derrick Ho – – – Go Go Go Girls!!!

The Super Girl Surfing event is scheduled to take place in Oceanside California at the pier on July 22nd thru the 24th.

Oceanside once again will be a great venue for this prestigious contest as generally this time of year there will be great waves and warm water. If you can’t make it to Oceanside check out the action at SUPERGIRLPRO.COM Be it boys or girls it is inspiring to see the best of the best and yes these girls are.

Blessings and Respect, Next week    well    your gonna have to check back to get “the Inside Scoop”. oh yeah!!!





Girls of Summer !!!

This summer statistics show more female lifeguards than any other time.

Summer is in full swing and you know what? Take a look around what do you see? I see more girls surfing than ever before. In addition check it out – – – more women and girls are running, doing yoga, lifting weights, cycling and just plain shaking their Kundilini. Women and Girls of all ages! I don’t ever remember seeing sixty and seventy year old women jogging but i do now!

It’s not easy to pass State lifeguard standards and tests even for top male swimmers. That’s why the girls who earn the right to be lifeguards earn the right to be respected. It was a big deal when decades ago Joyce Hoffman became one of the very first female guards in California. Now, the next time your on a guarded beach look around chances are amongst the guards will be at least one girl.

Yes the girls of summer, you find them in lifeguard towers, collage campuses, running businesses and, well, and even Y E S  running for President of the United States! As this summer begins to wind down coming elections will be heating up. Come fall more girls than ever before will be attending collage and higher education, taking charge of their own lives, and just possibly America will have it’s first woman as President – – – Hillary Clinton.

If your American boy or a girl, make sure your voice is heard loud and clear — Vote


Chris Ahrens – Author – Surfer – Surfing Historian

Chris Ahrens – Author – Surfer – Surfing Historian

Chris Ahrens from California is a 60 plus year old author, soul surfer and expert surfing historian able to tell a Great story!!!

Credited with writing for every major hard-core surfing publication in the world, Ahrens uses his vast abilities and experience to transcend extraordinary life happenings into the written word for the “uninitiated” non-surfing world to understand.

Not since Drew Kampion has an author come along with the ability to vividly share in words the pure stoke of surfing, surfing culture, and the very soul of surfing itself!

Could it be that this weathered old soul surfer’s heart is so filled with love for life that he can’t stop spilling his guts in regards to the secret society known as surfing?

Actually get a copy of Ahrens’s latest book “Behold What Is Greater Than Thyself” and when you do let the salt crystals dry on you. Great read but even heavier is the connection of surfing and the human experience only Chris Ahrens can deliver.

One Love, see you next Thursday when the topic will be summer girls at the beach!!!!!!!


Interesting : take the letters h e r e and put them all together and you get here! Now add a “t” ( actually a cross ) for truth to here and voila what do you get? There and there you go for today’s blog.

Thus what ever it is in Life you are doing – you will find wherever you are THERE you are!!! Whether you be washing dishes, pulling weeds, drearily sweeping a sidewalk, putting on a sold out concert, taking care of a family or building a financial empire Be THERE and your performance will be increased and the depth of your experience and overall understanding positively enhanced.

Try being THERE NOW and experience for yourself the Value and Power of THERE  a technique Illuminate Initiates have successfully used since before Time!!!

Be There Now ! ! !

First and foremost readers, Blessings and Respect, Happy New Year! May your year be filled with Love, Health and Prosperity with Time to Enjoy it. and the Time to Enjoy it is now!

Don’t wait for positive goals or future great events to materialize to enjoy your life— Be There Now ! ! !
Safe to say, if your living in the Now you’re There you have arrived.

Many people are always trying to get to a “better place” in life and they will not be fully happy until they get there. Don’t wait, Be There Now ! ! !

It is not uncommon for folks to try to “better” their lives through proper and perfect action. when they get there their whole wide world will suddenly click divinely into place. Don’t wait, Be There Now ! ! !

When you reach a state of Conscious Perfection you’re There! Don’t wait, Be There Now ! ! !