First and foremost readers, Blessings and Respect, Happy New Year! May your year be filled with Love, Health and Prosperity with Time to Enjoy it. and the Time to Enjoy it is now!

Don’t wait for positive goals or future great events to materialize to enjoy your life— Be There Now ! ! !
Safe to say, if your living in the Now you’re There you have arrived.

Many people are always trying to get to a “better place” in life and they will not be fully happy until they get there. Don’t wait, Be There Now ! ! !

It is not uncommon for folks to try to “better” their lives through proper and perfect action. when they get there their whole wide world will suddenly click divinely into place. Don’t wait, Be There Now ! ! !

When you reach a state of Conscious Perfection you’re There! Don’t wait, Be There Now ! ! !