Girls of Summer !!!

This summer statistics show more female lifeguards than any other time.

Summer is in full swing and you know what? Take a look around what do you see? I see more girls surfing than ever before. In addition check it out – – – more women and girls are running, doing yoga, lifting weights, cycling and just plain shaking their Kundilini. Women and Girls of all ages! I don’t ever remember seeing sixty and seventy year old women jogging but i do now!

It’s not easy to pass State lifeguard standards and tests even for top male swimmers. That’s why the girls who earn the right to be lifeguards earn the right to be respected. It was a big deal when decades ago Joyce Hoffman became one of the very first female guards in California. Now, the next time your on a guarded beach look around chances are amongst the guards will be at least one girl.

Yes the girls of summer, you find them in lifeguard towers, collage campuses, running businesses and, well, and even Y E S  running for President of the United States! As this summer begins to wind down coming elections will be heating up. Come fall more girls than ever before will be attending collage and higher education, taking charge of their own lives, and just possibly America will have it’s first woman as President – – – Hillary Clinton.

If your American boy or a girl, make sure your voice is heard loud and clear — Vote


Outside Magazine’s Rip Current article !!!

Outside Magazine’s Rip Current article !!!

In last weeks blog we looked into author Chris Ahrens’s latest book Behold What Is Greater Than Thyself exciting stuff!!! This week Girls of Summer (Hot) — will appear next Thursday as this week breaking news —

Outside Magazine article entitled “Every Thing you Know About Surviving Rip Currents Is Wrong.”

It seems everyone is talking about surviving rip currents. Dr. Jamie Machanan weighs in as does Capt. Chris Brewster for the USLA and NOAA and others including yours truly in the comment (not to be confused with the comic section) online.

While the main topic is escaping rip currents strangely nothing is said about avoiding rip currents in the first place. Anyone who has been following the Willis Way knows the Willis brothers have been advocating how to avoid rip currents for decades.

In the comment section Capt. Brewster maintains the USLA and NOAA do offer advice on avoiding rip currents but strangely doesn’t say what that advice is! Also why isn’t this supposed advice posted on every guarded beach?

Outside Magazine’s article and the comments after are very well worth taking the time to read.

Take your time and please weigh in! Here’s a link that will take you just like a rip current to the Outside!!!

Anyone out there with any friends and family will also want to share so others can help spread accurate information and save lives— possible your own!!!

OK friends tune in next Thursday for YES the Girls Of Summer which promises to be HOT!!!

Chris Ahrens – Author – Surfer – Surfing Historian

Chris Ahrens – Author – Surfer – Surfing Historian

Chris Ahrens from California is a 60 plus year old author, soul surfer and expert surfing historian able to tell a Great story!!!

Credited with writing for every major hard-core surfing publication in the world, Ahrens uses his vast abilities and experience to transcend extraordinary life happenings into the written word for the “uninitiated” non-surfing world to understand.

Not since Drew Kampion has an author come along with the ability to vividly share in words the pure stoke of surfing, surfing culture, and the very soul of surfing itself!

Could it be that this weathered old soul surfer’s heart is so filled with love for life that he can’t stop spilling his guts in regards to the secret society known as surfing?

Actually get a copy of Ahrens’s latest book “Behold What Is Greater Than Thyself” and when you do let the salt crystals dry on you. Great read but even heavier is the connection of surfing and the human experience only Chris Ahrens can deliver.

One Love, see you next Thursday when the topic will be summer girls at the beach!!!!!!!

The San Diego county Fair in Del Mar, California

The San Diego county Fair in Del Mar, California

The San Diego county Fair

Last week we took a look into the movie “Alice Through the Looking Glass” this week we explore the 2016 San Diego county fair that just happens to be themed “Mad about the Fair” a tribute to Alice in Wonderland.

This years San Diego county fair will surely go down in history as one of the best if not the best ever. There is literally something for everybody of every age and a whole lot more than meets the eye!

If you’re into thrills and excitement there is certainly plenty of rides, games and activities to choose from. If your heart can take it you can bungee jump from a tower that looks to be 100 feet high!!! If free falling 100 feet isn’t your thing there is always the Ferris wheel located at the west end of the fair grounds. The spectacular view of the Del Mar beaches is more than worth the price of admission and the ride. For the best bang for your buck and stomach friendly, hands down ride the chair lift from one side of the fair to the other.

Beyond the rides are world class exhibits offering every thing from amazing wood work, shell collections, flowers and plants to precious gems and stones, expert needle point to rare collections of memorabilia and more. The craftsmanship in the woodworking exhibit is really amazing. You should see the hand crafted guitars, furniture and even a beautiful wood surfboard inlaid with wood turtles. Going into each exhibition is like visiting a different world-class museum.

There is an abundance of outstanding top-notch entertainment including Los Lonely boys who put on a show that wowed the crowd. Past and present superstars such as Michael McDonald and the band Switchfoot are also performing at this years’ fair along with hundreds of other lesser known but highly talented acts. Visitors to the fair who can’t make it to Hawaii this summer can enjoy Polynesian music and dancing. There is even a team of clowns roaming around on pogo stilts that put on a fantastic display of human athleticism.

Who can go to the fair and not get a corn dog and lemonade? Plenty of people including vegans, vegetarians and health nuts. Fortunately there are plenty of “healthy” food choices other than the corn dogs, cotton candy and deep fried Kool-Aid to choose from! And for the beer experts, a plethora of micro and specialty beers are available.

Beyond the sights, smells, tastes, and sounds of the San Diego county fair are the countless people paid and volunteers who help make the fairgrounds safe, clean and FUN!!! Despite 10’s of thousands of fair visitors each day the fair remains safe and a great place to bring a family, friend or date. The fair draws a good crowd and the organizers continue to play a vital part in ensuring a good environment. Mad Hats off to the organizers, parking personal, information volunteers and security that put their time and effort into one of the greatest fairs on Earth — the San Diego (Del Mar Fair)!!!

Next Thursday we explore surf writer Chris Ahrens new book “Behold What is Greater than I” as well as learn a little about the man behind the stories.

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass

If your going to see one movie this summer go see “Alice Through the Looking Glass starring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Mia Wasikowska as Alice. This movie is all about love, truth, courage and the possible within impossible.

It turns out the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) isn’t all that mad after all. The Hatter you see just looks a little funny but there is nothing funny about the Hatters heart. His is a story you see of family misunderstandings, pain and finally healing and victory.

Alice fully grown turns out to be the personification of all the best and strongest female characteristics a woman could have. She’s brave, highly intelligent, loving and beyond loyal trusted leader. Alice at one point in the movie actually navigates a time device through a five hundred foot wave in the sea of time.

Perhaps Alice’s epic barrel ride on the five hundred foot wave in the sea of time is the largest wave ever to successfully be surfed on the silver screen. Alice is trying to get away from Time who is riding the same wave further back. As it happens Alice picks the right line and goes directly into the tube. Time mean while chooses the wrong line and wipes out literally. Not only does the audience get to watch Alice ride we also get to see Alice’s view. Woooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!

Thankful Thursday’s

Next Thursday find out all about the San Diego county fair, there’s more than meets the eye!!! Is it by chance this years theme is Alice in wonderland?

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