Surf Music

While it’s fairly easy to classify certain genre’s of Music such as Rock, Country, Reggea and Classical, Surf Music is a bit more broad and hence more difficult to actually identify. Surf Music has been associated with the “California sound” influenced by So Cal Surfing culture and is said to have originated in the late 1950’s and early 60’s. Although guitar avatar Jimi Hendrix sang in the late 60’s about never hearing Surf Music again Surf Music has grown up and is alive and well!

Way back when guitarist Dick Dale was known as the “King” of Surf Music”. Mostly known for his “wet and wild” sound with machine gun fast double picking Dale pronounced real Surf Music to be strictly instrumental. One may wonder if Dale was a real surfer? There was also vocal Surf Music from young groups such as the Beach Boys the Safaris and Jan and Dean. However according to Dale in Wikipedia the Music wasn’t surfing Music it was the lyrics that made them surfing songs.

Which brings us to the present. Currently there are more and more surfers making Surf Music including Jack Johnson, Tom Curren, Rob Machado and yes the Willis brothers Milton and Michael. Some songs are Surf instrumental some are Surf vocal but all have that certain “feeling and flow” that radiates from surfing and surfing culture. Surf Music just has that certain untamed sound ! As Murry Wilson the father of the Beach Boys deftly articulated years ago, “Surfing music has to sound untrained with a certain rough flavor.” When the Music gets to good and too polished, it isn’t considered the real thing!


Teaching Children to Surf !!!

Teaching surfing to children is an art all on it’s own. Children as young as two plus years old can actually be introduced to surfing safely and successfully. However one mistake or “wipeout” for a child can turn a child off from surfing and the ocean for years if not a lifetime. When it comes to teaching surfing to children the teacher as well as the proper introduction is crucial. What follows is a brief look into the Willis Brothers Surfing method we use to teach children five and under the art of surfing.

First and foremost it helps if if the potential student is enthusiastic and actually wants to ride a wave. One of the first mistakes people make is to take a child surfing because they want the child to surf. Although of Great benefit if the child wholeheartedly wants to go surfing it isn’t 100% necessary for success. A four year old per say doesn’t always know if he or she wants to go surfing. Here is were the surfing lesson begins.

For starters it’s best for students Five and under to have two instructors in place say mom and dad or mom and auntie what ever but basically a pitcher and a catcher. The pitcher will be taking the child properly placing him or her on the surfboard and responsible for catching the “right” wave. The catcher will be very close on the other end giving the child a “focal point” as well as receiving the child at the end of the ride!

Before ever “dragging” a child out into the waves it’s of Great importance to spend some time surfing right on the sand, pretending to surf. The pitcher places the child on the surfboard toward the rear and shows him or her how to stand and pretend to surf. Meanwhile the receiver stands on the sand roughly 10 to 15 feet in front of the child. “Ok!!!” says the pitcher “Here we go, keep your eyes on mommy!!!” and the pitcher begins to lift the rear of the surfboard ever so slightly and gently move it ever so slowly. Finally after a few seconds sliding the surfboard toward the catcher mirroring riding a wave. The instructors should make this little practice FUN.

After repeating the pretend surfing session a few times the student will be prepared for the “feeling” and ready to transfer the sand surfing feeling to a real wave. It is of extremely important to remember that to a little child a little wave can look and actually be a big wave. A very common mistake is when well meaning surfing instructors take the student out to far and or catch to big of a wave. Truly to a six inch wave (the smaller and slower the better) in knee deep water ten to fifteen feet from shore is the ultimate!

Proper wave selection is crucial!!! After standing the student on the surfboard and selecting just the right wave the student should be encouraged to keep his or her focus on the catcher. It’s a great idea to tell the student to wave at the catcher as they ride in (just like the sand practice) so the mind can remain calm and focused. Before the child even realizes it he or she will have successfully surfed to the shore with out even getting his or her hair wet  building confidence and eliminating fears!!!

Make sure you have a camera present to photograph this priceless event so you can share pictures with the student, family and friends!!! These photos will be priceless and enjoyed for years to come. As time goes by with good fortune our young little students will grow up and eventually teach their young ones how to surf and enjoy the benefits of playing in the ocean safely for many future generations to come!!! Even more important than the photos however is the priceless experience the child will remember the rest of life!!!

Willis Brothers – Basic Beach and Surfing Safety Guide plus Etiquette !!!

Be it your first time to the beach or going on 50 years of Ocean Devotion this valuable Beach and Surfing Safety Guide offers tips and safety information even long time “Salts” can benefit from. Easy to read, understand and apply, take time to look it over, pass the info on and help save lives !!! Remember beach safety is no accident – – – Know before you go !!!

For the first time anywhere the world’s first and foremost complete ———— Basic Beach and Surfing Safety Guide plus Etiquette !!! 


Willis Brothers Beach Etiquette:

1. Sunscreen. Use hand lotion sunscreens as opposed to spray on sunscreens. If you do use aerosol and spray bottle sunscreen be aware it  can blow down wind through the air right into your neighbor’s eyes and lungs.

2. Keep your music low. While you may love to blast your music remember many people come to the beach to hear the waves, seagulls, peace and quiet.

3. Sand Holes. If you dig a deep hole in the sand, fill it before you leave.

4. Don’t leave trash. Pack it in pack it out.

5. No Glass. Don’t bring glass containers to the beach. Beach Safety Orientation Beach Observation – Observe


Willis Brothers Beach Safety:

1. Beach Observation – Observe

a. Look for possible hazards i.e. rip currents, rocks, jetties, piers, lobster traps etc.
b. Look at over all conditions such as tides, swell height, wind direction, where waves are breaking and where they are not.
c. Decide where you are going to swim or surf.

2. Long Shore Currents

Long shore currents can drag swimmers up or down the beach. Generally the larger the waves the stronger the current.

3. Stationary Beach Marker

To avoid getting swept up or down the beach by the long shore current have a  stationary reference point. (House, rock formation, tree, etc). For swimmers this can also help you keep track of your towel and belongings at the beach on a crowded day.

4. Rip Currents/Waves

Rip currents occur along side or in between waves. Where rip currents occur the water is deeper. Where waves occur water is shallower.

Rip currents do not always flow straight out and can be difficult to identify. Flash rip currents appear at unpredictable times. Bigger waves create stronger rip currents.

To identify a rip current look for the spaces or gaps in between the waves or along side waves.

a. To avoid rip currents simply wade or swim in front of the waves.
b. To escape rip currents stay relaxed, swim or tread water toward the waves. Waves are the oceans escalator of energy heading toward the shore.

The closer a swimmer gets to the waves the weaker the pull of the rip current will be and the easier it will be to swim in. Watch our Rip Current Safety Video Here.

5. Bees, Jelly Fish, Stingrays

a. Bees: Be vigilant for bees washed up along the shoreline some alive some not, however both can still sting.
b. Jellyfish: If stung by a jellyfish use vinegar to negate the sting. Do not rinse in fresh water or rub stinging area.
c. Stingray: There are 3 common ways of hopefully avoid stepping on and getting stung by a stingray.

1. Stingray shuffle. Shuffle your feet when walking out into the ocean to avoid steeping on a stingray.
2. Stingray tap. Stomp after every few shuffles loudly to alert the stingray you are coming and for the stingray to move away.
3. When ever possible look. In shallow or clear water it is possible to see stingrays resting on the ocean floor.

Stingrays have a razor sharp harpoon barb on the end of their tails. When stepped on they inflict a sharp jab (usually in the foot) as if having stepped on a nail. If stung by a stingray it is extremely painful. The most common remedy used by surfers and lifeguards is to immerse the afflicted wound in hot water for one hour.

6. Swimming in shallow water can be dangerous.

Never dive straight down head first into the ocean or while body surfing. If you do dive off or fall headfirst keep your arms in front of you or tuck and roll.

7. While in the ocean never have anything in between you and the waves.

Watch out for others and help save lives by sharing this information


Willis Brothers Surfing Etiquette:

1. A surfer has the right of way over a surfer paddling out.

2. The surfer closet to the curl or breaking part of the wave has priority possession.

3. Riding together can be ok, dropping in on or interrupting a surfer’s ride is not.


Willis Brothers Surfing Safety Tips:

1. Never have anything between you and the wave. Your surfboard should be underneath you or to your side and pointed into the waves.

2. Never dive or fall head first off the surfboard. If you do, put your arms out to protect your fall or tuck and roll.

3. Always know how to take off your leash without looking before ever going out into the ocean.

4. Remember generally waves are much bigger than they appear from shore.

5. A B C’s of Surfing – Always Be Cool !

Surfing like life there will be great rides and there will be wipeouts. These ups and downs are part of the entire experience and are best handled by practicing remaining cool and  calm under pressure….

Blessings and Respect, Milton (MB1) Willis, Michael (MC2) Willis


Go Go CoCo Ho Winner Paul Mitchell Super Girl Pro !!!

Big congratulations to American surfer girl from the Aloha state of Hawaii Coco Ho for her big win in the Paul Mitchell Super girl Pro.

Competition was as predicted at it’s best. All the competitors put on performances that were to say the least at the PRO LEVAL, Phenomenal really. However, after three days of fierce competition it was CoCo Ho who emerged into first place.

The Paul Mitchell Super girl Pro is promoted as the largest all women’s surfing event in the world but it ended up being two girls from Hawaii in the finals. Malia Manuel from Kauai and Coco Ho from Oahu both respectfully from the great state of Hawaii.

Manuel who placed second is a former winner of the Super Girl Pro having won it in 2013. For Ho this year’s 2016 Super girl winner this marks the third time to the winners stand for her. Ho was the Super Girl winner in 2008 and 2010 and considers this year’s win a milestone in her surfing career and it is !

When the organizers of the Paul Mitchell Super Girl Pro got together they were wise to Slect Oceanside in California to hold the event. Oceanside is a GREAT surfing community with consistent waves year round. As predicted the waves for this years Super Girl Pro offered a great canvass for the girls to express their true athleticism and surf prowess. Ranging from knee to slightly overhead surfers were able to catch brilliant rides sometime two hundred to three hundred yards long!!!

All said while girls that surf are often referred to as surfer girls it’s rare that we here surfer boys !!! The time is here the time is now !!! Surfers are surfers be they boys or girls. The next time you’re at the beach and you hear someone shouting with excitement look that surfer is ripping !!! Look, there’s a good chance that surfer is a girl !!!

In closing for this week – – – stay Strong in Truth and may the waves of your live be just right for you !!!

Next week – – – – well check back in because it might be, it could be mmmaybe BOY’S of SUMMER !!!


Paul Mitchell Super Girl Pro Surfing !

Paul Mitchell Super Girl Pro Surfing !

Hats of to the ladies once again! In this day and age it’s fantastic to see more and more girls surfing. Not only are more girls surfing then ever before but more girls are surfing better than ever before.

Which brings us to this week’s blog “the Paul Mitchell Super Girl Pro” surfing contest for girls only! Billed as the world’s largest women’s surfing event the Super Girl is aptly titled as these young ladies actually Surf Super even Super Duper! It’s great to see the Paul Mitchell as the title sponsor putting money into promoting women’s surfing. It’s not that every girl needs to get inspired to surf more it is about getting girls inspired to keep fit, stay healthy, and active!!!

2014 champ Sage Erickson will be there. Remember in the comic strips how Superman had super powers able to leap tall buildings, faster than a speeding bullet and able to fly? Well Sage Erickson can catch a wave and faster than a blink of an eye launch her surfboard into the air and literally fly into another section of the wave land and keep right on going!!! And this is not a comic strip character this is a real girl — err i mean Super Girl!!!

Joining Erickson will be others with super girl abilities making the competition for the best of the best of women surfers an epic challenge. Super Surfer girls such as Alana Blanchard, Carissa Moore, Courtney Conlogue and Malia Manuel will be there. Any one of these girls has the experience and talent to potentially take first place. So does Coco Ho daughter of legendary surfer Michael Ho and niece of former world champion surfer Derrick Ho – – – Go Go Go Girls!!!

The Super Girl Surfing event is scheduled to take place in Oceanside California at the pier on July 22nd thru the 24th.

Oceanside once again will be a great venue for this prestigious contest as generally this time of year there will be great waves and warm water. If you can’t make it to Oceanside check out the action at SUPERGIRLPRO.COM Be it boys or girls it is inspiring to see the best of the best and yes these girls are.

Blessings and Respect, Next week    well    your gonna have to check back to get “the Inside Scoop”. oh yeah!!!