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Join The Willis Brothers In Keeping Our Beaches Safe By Learning To Escape Rip Currents The Willis Way



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The Willis Brothers Retire 2019

A Positive Message from the Willis brothers,

We Cordially wish to Thank All the Special Individuals and Large Groups from spry Youths to Senior Citizens for Trusting the Willis Brothers Milton and Michael to Introduce them to the Wonderful Art/Sport and ethos of Surfing.

For every Season is a Time and after 20 plus Glorious Years of Successfully Teaching Surfing from Hawaii to California, the Willis brothers Milton and Michael are Retired as of Jan. 2019 with an unparalleled Award Winning 100% Success rate for teaching 1000’s safely and easily how to Surf !(Awarded 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Unanimously 5 consecutive Years in a row by Trip Advisor as voted by You !!!)

It Has and continues to be an Honor and Privilege to Serve Our Community and introduce the Esoteric Art/Sport of Surfing to all Hearing the beckoning Call of the Ocean Waves.

Though We Retire “officially” from Surfing Lessons We continue Working in areas Needed Most such as lobbying for Updated Ocean Safety Policies Nationally and Internationally “the Willis Way.” (link) “The Willis Way” is the World’s Safest and most Effective way to avoid and or escape Rip Currents. Proven by experienced Surfers World Wide.

As well developing instructional videos to Teach Surfing and current and future Surfing Instructors how to PROPERLY Teach Surfing using the ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Award Winning Proven Safest and Most Effective “Willis brothers Surfing Methods.”

For those who Desire further assistance or information Milton B. Willis and Michael C. Willis are available for Consultation as well Special Projects. You can email Milton at dolphinmilton@gmail.com or mc2blessesu@gmail.com

On Behalf of the Willis brothers
Blessings and Respect to All and always Respect the Sea. May Your Rides be Wonderful, Exciting and filled with Joy !!!

Thank You … Milton and Michael

World Champion Giant Wave Surfer

Milton B Willis MB1

“Respect the sea”

Our Mission is to promote human advancement -mentally, physically and spiritually through individual and collective conscious awareness.

Blessings and Respect,

The Willis Bros.

Willis Brothers Surfing Logo

World Champion Giant Wave Surfer

Michael C Willis MC2

“Bless you”